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LHM-Ethiopia in Hosanna

LHM-Ethiopia in Hosanna

LHM-Ethiopia traveled to the Hadiya zonal region capital, Hosanna to do the package of programs from Friday the 19 of May to the 21 of May 2017. The programs were arranged by LHM-Ethiopia contact person Pastor Samuel Sodamo and His wife Mrs. Beltcha Abu. We were in Hosanna since Thursday afternoon and ministered both at church and prison center.

Some 85 church leaders and ministers attended the ETS workshop

Mr. Emanuel gave some insight on Islam extremism to the ETS workshop participants

ETS workshop participants have received participation certificate

In Hosanna prison center there are over 1700 prisoner of which some are members of the church

Sharing the word of God with Prisoner at Hosanna prison

Prisoners’ receiving their BCC graduation certificate & Group picture with Hosanna with BCC graduates

One of our volunteer Mrs. Webua Assefa gave 53 white shirts to the graduating prisoners

Film show of Christian values were screened on open air at The Hosanna New testament church

Church members gave their Sunday morning offering for LHM Ethiopia ministry

Booklets of Christian values were distributed for ETS workshop participants and church attendees.

Car accident is highly prevalent in Ethiopia; On our way to and from Hosanna we saw several of them

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Thank you for visiting our blog and letting us share with you what God is doing! This blog will be making a transition starting in June. We will join together with ministry partners around the world who are also working to share the light of the Gospel in their countries. All of us will post stories of Gospel impact to one central blog. You will be able to see how the Good News is being shared globally. Stay tuned for the new blog link and join us on June 1st!

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LHM-Ethiopia in Geto Zone

LHM-Ethiopia in Geto Zone

Geto is one of Gurage’s Zonal areas in the Southern region. Most of the Gurage people live in a grass touched housed and they are very skillful business people who mostly own the business areas in the country. The staple diet of most of the Gurage people is called Kotcho. Kotcho is the root of a green large leafed plant called Koba and it is the staple diet of the majority of Gurage people.

The Koba plant and Grass touched Gurage houses are seen on every direction of our destination

Small open air markets are seen in various places and they are Muslim dominated

These days the Muslim women are mostly knows for their long sleeve garments that covers their bodies

As in many places, cars and heavy truck accidents are prevalent in many areas of the road

LHM-Ethiopia conducted ETS workshop for church leaders and Ministers in rural village called Fetkir

Handling the Modules by Berhanu, about 130 church leaders and ministers participated the workshop

Pastor Telahun Handled Islam extremism and Mr. Matthewos handled three of the ETS Modules

Certificate of participation was handed over to the participants

During break time coffee and roasted cereals were served to workshop participants

At the end of the workshop offering was collected from workshop participants

Film show of Christian values were screened for two evenings

Before the film show in two evenings and on Sunday the word of God was preached

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LHM-Ethiopia in Hosanna

LHM-Ethiopia in Hosanna

Over the weekend i.e. April 21 -23, 2017, LHM Ethiopia was in the Zonal town of Haidya region called Hossana. Hossana is found in the southern region pass some of the popular Muslim towns called Werabei and Hulbareg. Werabei is a fast growing and Muslim dominated town. It is known as the holy town of Muslims in Ethiopia. It is a town dominated and surrounded by radical Muslims and Mosques. Christians are not allowed to have churches in the area. Many Christians are persecuted and killed in this area.

Some of the high rise Mosques on the main road

Radical Islam women are wearing long sleeved clothes to show that Werabe is a Muslim town

The business in Ethiopia is mainly owned and controlled by the Muslim community mainly by the Silte’s from this area.

LHM-Ethiopia travelled to Hossana to introduce its programs to some churches and do the usual package of programs that includes the ETS Workshop, film show of christian values, Evangelism rallies and Registration of over 200 new BCC students.

The ETS on Session; some sixty church leaders and ministers attended the workshop

Some of the modules were handled by LHM-Eth. Staff Mr.Matthewos and pastor Tilahun Habte Mariam dealt Radical Islam extremism.

Together with Evangelism rallies film show of Christian values was screened for two evenings.

ETS Workshop participants gave their offerings for the ministry

On Sunday morning the conducted two services

One of the sermons was made by invited speaker Mrs. Wubua Assefa

The ETS workshop participants received their participation certificate from Rev. Tesfaye who is the senior pastor of The Ethiopian Evangelical church Mekane Yesus in Hosanna.

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LHM-Ethiopia in Hanitcha & other nearby village Churches

LHM-Ethiopia in Hanitcha & other nearby village Churches

Hanitcha is found some 364 km in the southern region of Hadiya Zone. We had to drive slowly and carefully since the people and the animals are crowding the roads and make driving difficult. Most of the roads to the towns are crowed with animals and loaded donkey carts.

Sincethe drought is serious a wind storm is raising the dust and some times take house covers.

UNICF and world food program (WFP) tents are seen in different places as they are giving Aids to the most needy ones.

LHM-Ethiopia conducted a two day ETS workshop for 150 church leaders and ministers

Handing of certificates to ETS workshop participants was done at the end of the program

LHM-Ethiopia with the church leaders in Ketchachilo conducted a Sunday morning service on open air and the crowd kneeled for repentance and prayer.

At the end of the program LHM-Ethiopia collected offerings for the ministry

On Sunday morning at 10:00a.m LHM-Ethiopia with church leaders and elders of Weyramo congregation conducted morning worship program and prayer for the problems and drought that has affected the area.

At the end of the program LHM-Ethiopia collected offerings for the ministry

he dus

LHM-Ethiopia gave ETS workshop for church and congregation leaders at Hanitcha

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LHM-Ethiopia in Assela

LHM-Ethiopia in Assela

Assela is the capital city of Arrsi region. It is some 165 Km in the South-Eastern part of Addis Ababa.

LHM-Ethiopia conducted ETS workshop for about 60 church leaders and ministers of these 55 were commissioned for completing the whole workshop modules including Muslim evangelism.

LHM-Ethiopia director Berhanu Moges conducting the ETS workshop for church leaders & Ministers.

Rev. Akineda conducting some of the modules to the ETS workshop participants

After the training sessions, participation certificate were distributed to workshop participants

Sunday morning worship service was led by Rev. Akineda of LHM-Ethiopia

The Sunday morning sermon was given by invited pastor Dagne adane using interpreters

At the end of the Sunday morning worship service some 35 BCC students were awarded their study completion certificates.

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LHM-Ethiopia at Ledeta Congregation

LHM-Ethiopia at Ledeta Congregation

Ledeta is one of the congregations of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY), the Lutheran church in Ethiopia. LHM-Ethiopia in cooperation with Ledeta congregation conducted a three day workshop on how to maintain and strengthen marriage relationships.

The marriage counseling committee of Ledeta congregation with two marriage counseling experts of the churches’ head office, Rev. Guneti Weyessa and his wife Mrs. Aberash Tolossa has conducted the program and some thirty people have attended the workshop. LHM-Ethiopia distributed marriage booklets to participants at free of charge and introduced some of its programs and topical booklets.

Rev. Guenti and his wife Msrs. Aberash conducting the training program.

Attendants were very attentive in following the program.

LHM-Ethiopia director Berhanu reading the booklets entitled ”Renewing the romance of marriage” and introducing other LHM booklets to the gatherers.

The marriage counselors asking participants reasons for marriage disputes and the way to handle them.

LHM-contact person Rev. Gafatcho and Berhanu introducing LHM Ministries and the challenges churches are facing these days.

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